Responsibilities: Curation, Installation, and Concept
Software: Touchdesigner, After Effects, Illustrator, Processing and Procreate    
On View: November 2021 - January 2022

Finding the Ether is a group exhibition I participated in that showcased the work of five emerging multidisciplinary artists from Atlanta. In the exhibit, I presented a generative experiment series (Three Environments) and an animated short (P.S. Please Leave). 

Curation + Installation 
MINT’s Finding the Ether intern exhibition was a show put on by me and my fellow interns at the gallery toward the end of our time there. As a group, we had to create a concept and name for the exhibition, write a press release, promote it on social media, manage a budget, apply vinyl, install, curate, and design + print flyers for our show. 
Graphic Design + Motion Posters
Me and graphic designer, Yulissa Ayala-Valles, were co-head designers for this exhibition. I designed promotional moving posters for social media and she designed the official flyer for the exhibit. We used a contemporary and minimalistic graphic design aesthetic. Each motion poster is an abstracted figure that reflects what each artist in the exhibition specializes in. 

Responsibilities: Concept, Visuals, Sound
Software: Touchdesigner, VDMX, MIDI Controller, and GarageBand  
Year: 2021

An audio-visual performance I showcased in front of a live audience. An impromptu video dj session projected onto a large screen. 

I always aim to try something new on Adidi TV. I had a difficult time deciding if I wanted to have a planned or impromptu show. The music genre I chose for the show (Drum & Bass) is something I don’t listen to, but discovered would be optimal for the B&W experimental style I was going for.  I spent two weeks in ideation and listening to old school D&B/Jungle. The list aboves contains words and visual ideas I associated with the sounds I was hearing. 
Nodal Structures + MIDI Mapping 
Above are slides that contain my nodal structures, VDMX setup, and MIDI Map. The effects that you see me applying to my compositions during the show were all done through VDMX (a live-performance video-dj software). I assigned effects with a wide range of values like “Echo Threshold” and “Rotation” to my sliders and added effects with fixed values to my keyboard (like “Glitch” and “Sine Tile Warp”). 

Responsibilities: Concept, Design, Compositing
Soft/Hardware: Scanner, After Effects
Music: Dance of the Psuedo Nymph by Flying Lotus
Media: 16mm Film, Marker, Acetate, Vinyl, Paint   
Year: 2021

This experiment was my attempt at syncing music to visuals on a 16mm clear film leader. 

I wanted this project to be somewhat of a scratch film. Dealing with light, translucency, and layering is what drove me to this medium. Studying the work of Norman McLaren sparked the idea to combine music with visual elements. 
Extremely time consuming, but liberating because I decided after a point to paint whatever I wanted. I scanned sections of the film on a digital scanner and composited each image in AE using the position and parent tool. I ended up drawing on the whole 50-foot leader, which is 800 frames. 

P.S. Please Leave 
Responsibilities: Concept, Storyboard, Character Animation, Sound Design, Sound Editing
Software: Procreate 
Year: 2020

P.S. Please Leave is a short film based on the feeling unrequited love has on your conscious and subconscious being. The script is a poem I wrote after having a series of dreams about someone I have incredible feelings for.

Moodboard + Characters
A LARGE majority of the character design was inspired by the work of Stefan Glerum. I saw the cover of a zine he made one day and thought his human-like creatures would be perfect to animate within my dreamscape. Only having a resemblance to humans made it easier to push the characters and environments however I saw fit. I also attribute the electric color palette to him. 
In the animation, each environment transforms into the next. So, between each story “section”, I would draw over an onion-skinned layer to figure out how I wanted the in-between frames to look. The fluidity of the morphing was my favorite part of this project. The transitions were all freestyled and I loved how creative I got with them. 

Demon Dilemma
Responsibilities: Concept, Storyboard, Character Design, Character Animation, Background Design
Software: ToonBoom
Music: Salami Rose by Emune
Year: 2019

Demon Dilemma is a story about a person struggling with their inner demon. It is the first cel animation project I ever did. From this project, I learned a lot about my personal style and how the the animation pipeline works.

Character Development 
I’ve never created an “OC” before, so figuring out what my character was going to look like was the most difficult part. Here are the different variations I came up with. This character design may or may not be the chibi version of me?

I sketched my boards out in Procreate and then threw them into ToonBoom to elaborate. I ended up sticking to a muted color palette in order to coincide with the tone of the story.